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Halting Agency Overreach
Wisconsin Legislature v. Palm

In the case of Wisconsin Legislature v. Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm, Justice Kelly ruled that the Evers Administration’s “Safer At Home” order was a massive overreach of executive power. The result was the restoration of our individual liberties and the end of the forced government shutdown.

Protecting Free Speech
McAdams v. Marquette University

When McAdams v Marquette University came before the Supreme Court, Justice Kelly ruled that the University, by suspending Professor McAdams for his conservative speech, was in breach of contract. The result was the protection of First Amendment Rights and Academic Freedom.

Protecting Gun Rights
Wisconsin Carry v. City of Madison

In the case of Wisconsin Carry v. City of Madison, Justice Kelly ruled that the City of Madison’s attempt to limit concealed carry rights violated state statutes. The result was the protection of our Second Amendment Rights.

Restoring Authority to the Judicial Branch
Tetra Tech v. Department of Revenue

When Tetra Tech v. Department of Revenue came before the Supreme Court, Justice Kelly ruled the Court will not defer to an administrative agency’s interpretation of laws. As a result, unelected bureaucrats in Madison were prevented from exercising power that did not belong to them.

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Wisconsin Carry, Inc. v. City of Madison
State v. Harris
Brenner v. National Casualty Co.
Waukesha County v. J.W.J.
Teague v. Schimel
Flug v. Labor & Industry Review Commission
Milewski v. Town of Dover
State v. Floyd
Department of Natural Resources v. Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV
Springer v. Nohl Electric Products Corp.
State v. Cox
State v. Pico
Wisconsin Bell, Inc. v. Labor & Industry Review Commission
Tetra Tech EC, Inc. v. Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Cintas Corp. No. 2 v. Becker Property Services LLC
McAdams v. Marquette University
White v. City of Watertown
State v. C.L.K.
Kieninger v. Crown Equipment Corp.
Tikalsky v. Friedman
Leicht Transfer & Storage Co. v. Pallet Central Enterprises, Inc.
Waukesha County v. S.L.L.
State v. Cooper
L. G. v. Aurora Residential Alternatives, Inc.
State v. Randall
Lamar Central Outdoor, LLC v. Division of Hearings & Appeals
State v. Brantner
DSG Evergreen Family Limited Partnership v. Town of Perry
Correa v. Woodman’s Food Market
Emer’s Camper Corral, LLC v. Western Heritage Insurance Co.
State v. Brooks
Service Employees International Union, Local 1 v. Vos


State v. Weber
State v. Howes
State v. Lemberger
State v. Pal
Benson v. City of Madison
State v. Brar
State v. Villamil
Estate of Miller v. Storey
State v. Grandberry
State v. Bell
State v. McAlister
State v. Howard Carter
State v. Hager
Forshee v. Neuschwander
State v. Mitchell
McAdams v. Marquette University
State v. Pinder
State v. Wayerski
State v. A.L.
Security Finance v. Kirsch
State ex rel. Lopez-Quintero v. Dittmann
Koschkee v. Taylor
State v. Rodriguez
State v. Coffee
City of Cedarburg v. Hansen
Wisconsin Legislature v. Palm
State v. Coffee
Town Of Delafield v. Central Transport Kriewaldt
State v. Dobbs
State v. Muth
Papa v. Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Bartlett v. Evers


Seifert v. Balink
State v. Howes
AllEnergy Corp. v. Trempealeau County Environment & Land Use Committee
State v. Smith
Metropolitan Associates v. City of Milwaukee
Westmas v. Selective Insurance Co. of South Carolina
Talley v. Mustafa
Voters with Facts v. City of Eau Claire
Porter v. State
Milwaukee Police Ass’n v. City of Milwaukee
Koss Corp. v. Park Bank
Marx v. Morris
Rural Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lester Buildings, LLC
Choinsky v. Germantown School District Board of Education
State v. Kelly James Kloss


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