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Justice Daniel Kelly will preserve constitutional rights, uphold the rule of law, and prevent judicial activism. He’s an experienced and trustworthy judicial conservative who will apply the law as it is written, rather than legislate from the bench. His opponent, Janet Protasiewicz, is a liberal activist who seeks to put her thumb on the scale by ruling based on her political beliefs, rather than the rule of law.

Justice Daniel Kelly is a judicial constitutionalist who has dedicated a lifetime to the law. He served on the Wisconsin Supreme Court from 2016 to 2020, a tenure marked by his rigorous scholarship, judicial humility, and an unwavering commitment to the rule of law. The scores of opinions authored by Justice Kelly during his service on the Supreme Court stand as witnesses to his commitment to our constitution and the rule of law.

Justice Kelly prepared for his service on the Supreme Court with years of experience as a litigator, law clerk, and briefly as a special prosecutor. He’s had experience protecting the smooth functioning of the free market, defending student speech on campus, and representing religious organizations’ rights to free speech. After he completed his appointment on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Justice Kelly joined the Institute for Reforming Government as a Senior Fellow authoring a groundbreaking manual on legislative oversight. Justice Kelly has been a consistent voice for judicial conservatism in Wisconsin.

Meet Justice Daniel Kelly

In the case of Wisconsin Legislature v. Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm, Justice Kelly ruled that the Evers Administration’s “Safer At Home” order was a massive overreach of executive power. The result was the restoration of our individual liberties and the end of the forced government shutdown of schools, businesses, and churches.

When McAdams v. Marquette University came before the Supreme Court, Justice Kelly ruled that the University, by suspending Professor McAdams for his conservative speech, was in breach of contract. The result was the protection of First Amendment Rights and Academic Freedom.

In Wisconsin Carry v. City of Madison, Justice Kelly ruled that the city of Madison’s attempt to limit concealed carry rights violated state statutes. The result was the protection of Second Amendment Rights.

When Tetra Tech v. Department of Revenue came before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Justice Kelly ruled that the Supreme Court won’t defer to an administrative agency’s interpretations of law. As a result, unelected bureaucrats in Madison were prevented from exercising power that did not belong to them.

Justice Kelly’s extensive knowledge of the law and his commitment to judicial conservatism have positioned him as the clear choice in the upcoming Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Wisconsin voters can count on him to defend our constitutional rights, enforce the law as it is written, and prevent judicial activism on the Supreme Court.


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Dan’s Constitutional Conservatism

Defend Constitutional Rights

Dan has a proven record of defending our constitutional rights and individual freedoms from government overreach.

Uphold The Rule of Law

The rule of law – the idea that law should be applied as written, without regard to the jurist’s personal preferences – lies at the foundation of civil society. It is this principle that gives us the chance to live together in safe communities where we can exercise our liberties and pursue futures of our own design.

Prevent Judicial Activism

Judicial activism occurs when a jurist allows his or her personal politics to influence the resolution of a case. This is the antithesis of the rule of law. Electing Justice Kelly will prevent the reinvention of our Supreme Court as a haven for judicial activism where a political agenda can be imposed on our state.